COPPA And Why We Think The FTC Is Just Getting Started: Predictions for 2015

When the unofficial FTC grace period for compliance of its newly-updated COPPA rules came to an end in September of 2014, with settlements against Yelp and mobile app developer TinyCo, it appeared as if the gloves were off. Will this trend continue into 2015? Allison Fitzpatrick of advertising, marketing & promotions practice group Davis & Gilbert thinks so.

In this Ad Age article entitled Why We All Need to Worry About Children’s Privacy, Allison makes some predictions for the FTC’s enforcement of COPPA in the year ahead:

  1. The FTC will be more aggressive in its enforcement of COPPA, particularly against mobile apps.
  2. The next COPPA FTC actions will involve behavioral targeting of children.
  3. COPPA violations will apply to general sites and apps, not just kids’ sites.

To read the entire article and see the rest of Allison’s predictions, go to Ad Age.