About KPass

Kpass is the only safe digital identity that gives parents control over which websites and apps can have their kids’ personal information. It’s like a digital permission slip.

Parents: your kids’ favorite brands, apps and websites need to comply with federal COPPA laws (Child Online Privacy and Protection Act). In order to create the most engaging and interactive apps and websites, each of these digital properties needs to ask you for your consent to collect personal information about your kids for even something so simple as a name or e-mail address. Before Kpass, there wasn’t an easy and safe way for websites and apps to get permission from you. With Kpass, companies can focus on what they do best: creating great educational and fun experiences online.

Kpass is unique because we are the only solution that empowers kids to maintain a safe and protected online identity. Our #1 goal is to ensure that our users’ personal information is always protected and never stored nor shared without explicit consent. This means we will never use your personal data to serve targeted ads or to allow intrusive services to reach your child. We also believe that kids need help learning about the Internet, so we built Kpass to encourage smart digital behavior and safety awareness. (Parents may even learn a thing or two!)

We have partnered with industry-leading identity verification services to ensure parents are of-age and are real people. We use these expert services so we can verify your identity without ever asking for sensitive information like your social security number.

For companies, Kpass makes it easy to ensure COPPA compliance around age-checks and verified parental consent. When building digital properties, companies no longer have to worry about building complex and expensive compliance and data systems to collect parental consent as Kpass provides easy, comprehensive and platform-agnostic solutions. We make sure that companies only receive information that parents allow them to have. If the parent doesn’t want to share their kids information, then nothing will be collected by the companies.